13 Types of retreats you can experience

Stepping back from our routines is something of an art form. Taking the time to nurture your mind, body, and soul away from distractions provides us with a much-needed opportunity for healing and growth. While the idea of a retreat can conjure up thoughts of valuable, yet expensive, solitary getaways, they can also include group activities that allow us to tap into collective energy and support. 

Types of retreats you can experience

From spa days and spiritual forays to digital detoxes and adventure outings, there is a retreat available for everyone. Discovering what works best for you may take some exploration, as these experiences have proven to help boost mental clarity, emotional balance, physical well-being, and life satisfaction all at the same time. 

Meditation Retreats

Through meditation techniques like mindfulness, breathwork, and movement practice, we allow ourselves to go beyond our limitations and discover where our truest potential lies within us. 


Spa Retreats

These pampering spa getaways give us an opportunity to unwind through relaxation treatments such as massages, aromatherapy baths, or paddling pools surrounded by nature that soothe away any stress and tension in the body.

Spiritual Retreats

Have you been yearning to find out what feeds your soul? Diving into a spiritual study can help us discover deeper insights into who we are amidst the hustle and bustle of life. This can be done through group classes, workshops, or 1:1 conversations with the right coach. 

Wellness Retreats

Staying in tune with your well-being helps us work towards discovering true happiness. Whether it’s going on a yoga retreat or setting intentions to practice more self-love, nourishing our body with this all-inclusive escape is a great way to heal and rebirth ourselves from within. 

fitness yoga

Adventure Retreats

Feeling adventurous? If traveling gives you an extra boost of positive energy, an adventure retreat may be just the ticket. Learn a new skill, embrace any cultural differences, bond with like-minded individuals, or immerse yourself in culture and outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking! 


Digital Detox Retreats

How often do you look away from your phone screens throughout the day? Breaking up with technology over this weekend getaway can help us reclaim our hours (and also reduce digital anxiety!). 

Halotherapy, or salt therapy

Ever seen a cave covered in salt? Halotherapy (also known as salt cave therapy) has been practiced for centuries with the help of naturally occurring salts that can help treat respiratory illnesses, improve skin conditions, or just relax. 

Crying Therapy

Tears can be a powerful expression of emotion. Learning how to release pain and suffering instead of bottling it up is key to living an emotionally healthy life – comforting us through supportive guidance from experts during our retreats. 

Laughter Yoga

Chuckles? Giggles? Snickers? Inject more joy into your soul through mindfully guided laughter sessions! By combining rhythmic clapping with yogic breathing techniques, this inner-self wellness journey lets us become more present in the moment and remember what makes us feel happy again. 

Silent Retreat

We live in a society that often seeks external validation about who we are, but have you tried sitting in stillness and fully listening to yourself lately? Making the space for your own reflections away from noisy conversations will give you the opportunity to connect with yourself and explore whatever comes up within your silence by being relaxed enough to take on any challenge without fear. 

Forest Bathing

Take a magical stroll through nature and allow nature’s remedies to recharge our vitality levels as we look up in awe at the sky and take big breaths under a canopy of trees.

forest meditation

Couples Retreats

Spend quality time with your partner by setting aside some days to reconnect and rebuild your connection on a deeper level, whether by creating fun activities together or exploring what resources are needed for growth. 

Detox Retreats

Our bodies can be in dire need of nourishment if our diets are lacking vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients that help keep us energized and healthy. Detox retreats provide guidance on how to cleanse the body optimally through vegan nutrition plans, yoga classes, sauna sessions, and more, so you can assess your health better with professional support. 

Where to start?

No matter which kind of retreat we are drawn to when done right, it helps us bridge the gap between where we are now and where we want to be. Taking little steps towards gaining an ideal state of well-being allows us to become empowered with courage as we stretch past the boundaries of our comfort zone. So go ahead and give yourself permission to explore!